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ngfdpsydpm 07-13-2017 05:51 AM

KlKuRcurry ??? T80k WW6
Converse???,Jill hand Aragon sword, covered with a broken virtual sword of the shadow, the power of the mighty, the place... those who have instant firefly butterfly annihilation. Firefly Butterfly, has a human body size, the body exudes a firefly, strength is the level of the 12th order of God, that is, a reluctance to count the beginning of God, and will not attack any esoteric, only fireflies attack the enemy. Firefly's light, just like the firefly tail light, but it is a lot of bright. These five Firefly Butterfly, is that they!
Converse???,If there are several fireflies Butterfly King led dozens of firefly butterflies, as Jill is now encountered so, as long as the lead to kill the firefly butterflies, those Fireflies will naturally be dispersed. Firefly fireflies in the firefly valley simply do not kill, it will not take long, will be born from the firefly. If Jill does not kill the five Firefly Butterfly, that firefly butterfly will be endless, although this consumption of Jill useless, but also to Jill did not have time to search for firefly species. Sword Sword; Sky Sword!
converse??,That five Butterfly fireflies, have low-level power of God, but the defense is extremely fragile, only the weak body, but also not treasure weapons such as armor and other defensive things, the defense is not as good as some titles level demons. Jill sword cut off, just like cut melon vegetables in general, although that five firefly Butterfly strongly dodge, but has been annihilated three, seriously injured two. Both ends of the firefly Butterfly not the slightest hesitation to see their companions were Gil kill, the moment also felt the threat of Jill, flew led the firefly butterfly group have left.
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Mubycrut 07-13-2017 05:53 AM


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